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What are my options for sealing mailer or shipping bags?

We manufacture two types of adhesive closures for poly bags used for mailing or shipping: permanent or resealable.

Permanent Seal

The permanent adhesive is typically used when the contents are intended to remain in the bag until the end user opens the bag. Opening a plastic bag with a permanent adhesive lip that has been sealed will destroy the bag. It is common to use permanent adhesive on mailer bags and shipping bags.

Resealable Seal

A bag with a resealable adhesive lip can be opened and re-closed several times. The presence of dust, dirt, oil, etc, that may accumulate on the resealable adhesive will ultimately limit the number of times it can be resealed. Resealable bags work well for applications such as internal file distribution where several individuals will review and/or add to the contents of the bag over time. Resealable seals are not recommended for mailing or shipping applications.

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