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Degradable polyethylene custom plastic bags destined for landfill disposal or recycling are manufactured in our facility in Fort Wayne, Indiana, the United States of America. This biodegradable LDPE film is engineered to begin breaking down in 9 to 15 months after it has been underground. Most of the flexible packaging we manufacture can be made with this 'Green', Earth friendly plastic film.

For ziplocking, 'press to seal' type zipper bags, it may be helpful to know that the bag portion of the ziplock bags will decompose, but the zipper profile itself is not a biodegradable polyethylene.....yet. 
The biodegradeable mailing and shipping bags that we make will decompose EXCEPT for the adhesive on the lip (and the liner, which is peeled away to expose the adhesive). The adhesive is not biodegradeable......yet.
For more information about custom plastic bags that will decompose in landfills, please call us.

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