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Green Earth Eco Friendly poly bag manufacturer. Environmentally Safe Flexible Packaging Manufacturer.

Biodegradable LDPE plastic bags, custom made and custom printed in Fort Wayne, Indiana, United States of America.


There are different types of biodegradable plastic films available. Some break down in water, some in oxygen and others are affected by contact with the earth.

The bags we custom manufacture from biodegradable film will break down after burying in a landfill. The process takes about a year to begin which makes the application of the flexible packaging made from landfill biodegradable LDPE very stable during normal use.

We first began to investigate the possiblitites of biodegradable polyetylene films in the late 1980's, but until recently, did not find a raw material that would actually work well and yet degrade. Now the technology has advanced and we're comfortable the the biodegradable items we manufacture will satisfy the desires of our customers who have requested polyethylene bags for packaging that will degrade after placement in a landfill.

For those concerned about recycling, the biodegradable LDPE packaging we manufacture can also be recycled in the same way as non-biodegradable poly. The recycle number / symbol for Low Density PolyEthylene (LDPE) is "4" whether it is biodegradable or not.  Our biodegradable film meets ASTM D5209 and ASTM D5338.


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