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All Custom, All the time.

Custom Poly Packaging, Plastic Bag Manufacturers in Fort Wayne, Indiana, United States of America.

CUSTOM flexographic PRINTING on CUSTOM flexible packaging, CUSTOM ASTM 1991 poly bags, CUSTOM plastic shipping bags, Custom curbside signs, CUSTOM thermal insulative bags and CUSTOM ziplock bags from Low Density PolyEthylene (LDPE - recycle# 4) High Density PolyEthylene (HDPE - recycle# 2) Co-Extruded Polyethylene (CO-EX PE plastic) or PolyPropylene (Our PolyPropylene film is a monolayer random co-polymer containing ethylene). 

Manufacturers of CUSTOM flexible packaging to food, industrial, medical and marketing companies including branding, advertising and promotional. We manufacture unique, custom, plastic bags, inverted poly bag signs, point of purchase (pop) header bags, bottom load bags, ziplock reclosable bags, wicketed bags, parts bags, polyethylene tote bags and more. 

We are the CUSTOM manufacturers of mailer bags, shipping bags, metalized thermal retention / reflective bags for maintaining hot or cold contents, food bags, retail die cut handle poly bags and industrial applications including the medical industry.

Yard & lawn curb side advertising signs / promotional poly bag signs for construction / home improvement site signs, political campaigns, organizations and businesses are available at wholesale, manufacturer direct pricing to branding, marketing, distributors and other certified resellers.

Contact us today  to obtain a manufacturing quote for CUSTOM BIODEGRADABLE, GREEN, EARTH FRIENDLY, ASTM 1991 ENVIRONMENTALLY SAFE LDPE flexible packaging, bags and signs. We have been custom flexographic printing with water based inks since 1990 and also offer custom poly bags made from eco friendly, biodegradable LDPE film. Our BIODEGRADABLE low density plastic film has been engineered to break down after it has been in the ground from 9 to 15 months making it a very environmentally friendly packaging material.

For order quantity information, please enter your item dimensions on the QUOTE REQUEST page (nav button at upper left of this page). It will automatically calculate the minimum required order quantity. Please note that some items may require higher minimum quantity orders than those automatically calculated. Thank you!

Serving certified marketing and branding companies, nationwide.

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